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The Combination Set


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One cleaning tool – infinite uses.

By reinventing the mop hinge, Duop® can do all sorts of things that your standard mop can’t - Dramatically saving you time, money, and effort.

360° versatility

Duop’s quickball® system grips the cleaning head in any position you need. This allows you to clean not only floors, but also vertical, curved, and overhead surfaces

What's Included?

  • Lightweight powder coated steel telescoping handle extends from 2’ 6" (76cm) to 4’ 6" (137cm)
  • Medium cleaning head 9" Long x 4" wide
  • Small cleaning frame 5.7" Long by 5.7" Wide
Includes one microfiber cleaning pad for each size.

Suggested Uses

Cleaning and dusting of floors, baseboards, tiles, windows, ceilings & vehicles.

Don’t forget your microfiber refill pads

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