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One cleaning tool – infinite uses.

By reinventing the mop hinge, Duop® can do all sorts of things that your standard mop can’t - Dramatically saving you time, money, and effort.


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360° versatility

Duop’s quickball® system grips the cleaning head in any position you need. This allows you to clean not only floors, but also vertical, curved, and overhead surfaces.

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Faster wiping. More scrubbing power.

The quickball alone becomes a comfortable handle for scrubbing and wiping. The duop heads clean up to 10 times more area per swipe than rags and sponges. And they keep your hand away from the grime.

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Trap dirt, dust, hair, and pollen with re-usable microfiber.

It can be used both damp and dry. Works with water alone or with cleaning solution. When its dirty peel it off, wash it, and re-use it. Washable up to 100 times.

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Interchange cleaning heads to fit your task.

Tailor the Duop to suit your needs. Or keep one head for the bathroom, one for the kitchen, and one for dusting.

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Duop is self-standing.

No need to lean it against a wall or hang it up. Just set the handle straight and walk away.

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With Duop one tool does it all

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