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Must Have Cleaning Products For Every Dorm

Going off to college can be an exciting, but overwhelming time for your child. There are so many responsibilities they have to adjust and commit to. Whether it's your child's first year dorming, or they are a soon-to-be graduate, their time away from home can be a challenge. There are a few things parents can do to make the experience a little easier - leaving more time to (dare we say) study.

With the holidays right around the corner you'll likely be picking your child up for winter break. You'll be doing their laundry, picking up their room, and washing their dishes; like old times. But before you all know it, spring semester will back in full swing. We recommend you send your child back to school with a few cleaning products that will make their day-to-day much easier to manage.

1. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox wipes are a must in dorm rooms. Shared quarters in tight spaces make the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. The disinfecting wipes easily clean up germs, dirt, debris, and unexpected sticky spills on nearly every surface. Having extra wipes, easily accessible, means your child will probably use them regularly and have a healthier semester.

2. The Duop Mop System

Having a long-handled mop system that also doubles as a hand-help scrubbing tool is ideal for dorm living. Saving space in dorms is key. The Duop is light, easily stored, detachable and reusable. No need to run out for extra pads after every sweep! The Duop mop is reusable, saving your child time and money. It also makes cleaning in hart to reach spaces a breeze. The hold handle and Quickball system allows for high cleaning and easy maneuverability.

3. Mini Vacuum

For larger messes a mini vacuum is the perfect solution. Regular vacuums tend to be too large and bulky for dorm rooms with limited space, but a mini hand-held vacuum is the perfect size to clean up tough dirt and debris left on carpets, chairs and couches. If your child has access to his or her own mini vacuum, there's a much greater chance that the mess will get cleaned up instead of waiting for your visit.

4. Soaps

Now, I know this may sound like a no-brainier, but having enough (and different types of) soap in your child's dorm will go a long way in keeping their dorms clean and them healthy.

Dish soap means they will continue doing their dishes instead of letting them pile up

Body soap means they'll take showers and actually get clean

Hand soap ensures your child (and their roommate) won't spread germs back and forth

Laundry detergent means they have no excuse to wear the same dirty clothes over and over again.

5. Trash Bin and Extra Bags

Having a home for their trash means it won't be lying all around the dorm room. Keeping a trash bin off to the side with extra trash bags on hand is an easy way to keep garbage from piling up. Throwing away trash regularly will also keep odors down, but if your child enjoys a lot of microwave cooked meals, we suggest investing in febreeze air-fresheners to plug in next to the bin!

College is a great experience, but it can also challenge your child. This holiday season get them a gift basket full of things to make their day-to-day away from home easier. When you send them back in January they should feel prepared and capable of taking care of themselves! Keeping a clean and organized living environment is one of the easiest ways to remove stress and anxiety - making it a whole lot easier to excel in their studies!